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The real translation project is...!

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Nov. 11th, 2009 | 10:29 am
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...Well, so much for my lofty ideas of translating light novels. ~weak laughter~

Anyway, after so much time has passed since my latest post ... ~hyuuu~ I have actually finished/am up to date with several series ^_^ Among them, the one which needs the most translating-TLC is Mirage of Blaze. I've even started translating it! However, in my pedantic quest for perfectionism, I'll be translating from Volume 6 at first.

Kind of.

I kinda feel like I have to do the afterwords too.


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From: hin_hakaze
Date: Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:28 am (UTC)

From what I can remember, I completed the prologue for Vol.6 and was mid-way through Chapter One. I should warn you that I literally researched and footnoted every tiny detail - including things you'd never need or maybe even want to know! I'd probably post it in the Mirage LJ Community if anywhere.
I finished reading the entire series four years ago, but despite such a long gap, I find there are certain lines that, when re-reading, are so emotively charged and full of dramatic irony I just have to put the book down because it reminds me of later scenes, etc. in the story. Just remembering it now makes me a little blue... (~ ~)6 So by no means would I be a fast provider of translations, I'm afraid. I guess I'll post the Vol.6 Prologue sometime this weekend and continue translating sooner rather than later depending on the reaction I get.
I'd be more inclined to do the prequels to be honest, but you should really read them after the main story. Hotaka Ran's illustrations are so beautiful, though.

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