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Deutzia and Hawthorn

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Apr. 30th, 2012 | 12:10 am
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It's surprisingly difficult to come across a good story. 'Good' retains a rather fluid definition being of course purely subjective, and by no means a universal sentiment. As for stories in the book medium, there are still many guises such as manga, graphic novels, novels, novellas and many more. Each has their own subtleties and strengths and I wonder how their worth can even be compared, least of all in terms of cultural value.

It's always a point of interest to try and compare cross-medium adaptations. However as a self-confessed bibliophile I must admit to being partial to the written word as the form I generally prefer over others. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find slight differences between the hardcover and paperback (bunko) editions of Gunjou (Ultramarine), one of the side story volumes in the Mirage of Blaze series. The hardcover tome published in 1996 has much less furigana than the bunko edition published later in 2002 which has an additional afterword mentioning recent events - namely, the DVD releases of the anime which began airing in January of 2002 XD In other words, this year is the 10th anniversary of the anime =3

At any rate, I rambled for two paragraphs just to state somewhere on the interweb my apologies that I haven't kept to my self-imposed translation schedule of Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata. It was because I was reading and not translating in my spare time. Yes, I'm sorry. For those curious souls, the latest series I started reading is Koi suru ouji to Junan no himegimi and sequels written by OGURA Haruka and illustrated by KATOU Eriko who did the same for YasaRyuu. So it's not not entirely unrelated... or something? KATOU Eriko's also drawing the manga adaptation in Kyun! which I hope won't stop at only a few chapters or a singular volume since it's rather funny and I hope to see more in whichever format =D I'd like to see it published in English too, but that's another matter...

Anyway the next update of YasaRyuu will be in May with two chapters, completing the first volume.

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