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YasaRyuu vs. ShouMyou

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Sep. 28th, 2007 | 04:02 pm
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music: ヴォーカル・コレクション 炎の蜃気楼Ⅳ -執愛- | Vocal Collection Honoo no Mirage IV -Shitsuai-

At last, I've been bothered enough to open a journal and actually write in it! That being said, the only thing I can really think of to put it in would be my translations of the short novels series I'm reading... And even then I'm not sure how quickly I could update the next chapter 'cause some chapters are really long and others are short-ish.

Anyway! The five short novels series I have are:
  1. Honoo no Mirage (written by KUWABARA Mizuna, illustrations by HAMADA Shouko)
  2. Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata (written by TSUMORI Toki, illustrations by KATOU Eriko)
  3. Shounen Onmyouji (written by YUUKI Mitsuru, illustrations by ASAGI Sakura)
  4. Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru (written by KANNAGI Satoru, illustrations by KODAGIRI Hotaru)
  5. Ai DeathGUN (written by YOGI Mayu, illustrations by YAMASHITA Yoshimitsu)
I don't have the 14 or so out of print side story volumes from Honoo no Mirage or the latest volumes of Ai DeathGUN or Shounen Onmyouji but otherwise they're complete. I don't see any point in translating something which already exists so the first half or so of Honoo no Mirage is out. So I have a choice between either YasaRyuu vol. 1, ShouMyou vol. 1 OR Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru vol. 4. All suggestions will be appreciated... although I'm leaning towards the first two or three.

Got back from Japan recently *hides from jealous eyes* which is where I bought them all ^_^ Btw Akihabara really is the place to go. There were these Evangelion ties for sale in the Kotobukiya Craft Shop which were released in February 2005!! And on 3rd floor is K-Books which sells manga, artbooks, shitajiki and anime goods like clocks, figures, cosplay outfits and second-hand CDs, DVDs. For future reference, best place for reading manga is NOT a manga cafe: it is BOOK-OFF, which sells second-hand manga for ¥100 each unless they're special edition or something, and you can read for hours for free. Depending on the size of the branch it may have old issues of monthly magazines, or really old and rare manga - in good condition. I saw Seiden/RG Veda, Juuousei and Tokyo Babylon in their first editions where they don't cut corners on quality. The second editions for Seiden and Tokyo Babylon are really small and they've been compressed down to fewer volumes... the covers are a boring plain black as well.

Compared to which, London is cold and wet... And college and coursework and the weather conspire against you. Here's hoping that this journal will bring some relief to the dark corners of the world  where anime/manga access is limited for whatever reason.

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